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Signature I.T. Software Designer Pvt. Ltd.

digital marketing job

Company Name:  Signature I.T. Software Designer Pvt. Ltd.

Phone Number: 86044 59697

Location: Lucknow

  • Responsibilities 
  • Allocate budgets for paid marketing 
  • Develop new strategies by studying new trends
  •  Increases marketing effectiveness by identifying long-term and short-term goals 
  • Measures team performance (KPIs) 
  • Reports performance of all marketing campaigns to senior management 
  • Strategize to increase performance (ROI) through insights 
  • Build team spirit 
  • Brainstorm for new growth strategies 
  • Carries out conversion tests and reports 
  • Co-ordination between internal teams 
  • Strong analytical skills to understand and enhance the customer experience throughout the marketing funnel 
  • Financial planning and strategy 
  • Involved in recruitments and training 
  • Skills & Qualifications Required 
  • Educational degree in a related field or minimum 3-5 years of work experience in this field 
  • Creating a rapport with the client 
  • Training subordinates 
  • Highly motivated 
  • Extensive marketing research knowledge 
  • Should be able to carry out statistical analysis easily 
  • Experience in optimizing user funnels 
  • Knowledge of all digital marketing tools 
  • Should have knowledge of setting up ad campaigns